Ferry Information

Overview of Aogashima Maru

Total tonnage 460 tons
Length 62m
Capacity 50 people
Cruising speed 17 knots
Main engine horsepower 2,000hp x 22
Completed December 6,2013
あおがしま丸 あおがしま丸

Overview of Hahajima Maru

Total tonnage 453 tons
Length 65.20m
Capacity 200 people
Cruising speed 16.5 knots
Main engine horsepower 4,400 hp
Completed June 14,2016
ははじま丸 ははじま丸

Overview of Yuri Maru

Total tonnage 469 tons
Length 62m
Capacity 90 coastal seas
(40 nearby seas)
Cruising speed 13.5 knots
Main engine horsepower 2,000 hp
Completed February 25,1998
ゆり丸 ゆり丸