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Inquiries on ferry operation

Aogashima Maru
Hahajima Maru
[New ship information] Notice of construction of new cargo liner-The groundbreaking ceremony was held on March 12, 3rd year of Reiwa.
April 06, 2021 The Yuri Maru, which was mainly operated as a spare ship, will finish its 23-year role this fall.Commemorative goods will be on sale at the Ito Port Visitor Center (Geoport Ito) and National Land (Ogasawara Tourist Information Center).
April 01, 2021 You can use the smartphone app version of the disability certificate "MIRAIRO ID".
April 01, 2021 Izu shotou Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. 50th anniversary postcard present.
April 01, 2021 We sell Stamp of Hahajima Maru, Aogashima Maru, and Yuri Maru.
February 10, 2021 "Yurimaru", which had been operating as a substitute ship due to the suspension of the dock of "Hahajima Maru", has successfully completed the final voyage on the Chichijima-Hahajima route.
At the ceremony, the captain of the Ogasawara Village Hahajima Branch, Tsuruta Branch, presented a letter of appreciation and a bouquet.
October 20, 2020 [Breaking News] 2021 Aogashima Maru Timetable (announced on October 10th)
October 7, 2020 [Breaking News] 2021 Hahajima Maru Timetable (announced on October 7th)
June 29, 2020 To all Hahajima Maru users after July [Guidelines]. Please also check the Hahajima Tourism Association guidelines on the website.
June 10, 2020 Consulted with Ogasawara Village on measures against the new coronavirus, and after July, set the capacity of Hajimamaru to 100 people, and set a social distance. We will strive to secure